Dr. Bo Prosser was born and reared in Milledgeville, Georgia. At the time of his birth, Milledgeville was home to the world’s largest mental institution–Dr. Prosser was born there. This just happened to be the only medical facility in the town; his mother hints that he might have been switched at birth!  “I’ve been around crazy people all my life!” he says with a grin!

Bo holds two Master’s degrees, one in Christian Education and one in Family Counseling. His doctoral work is in the area of Adult Education from North Carolina State University. His dissertation was in the area of using humor to teach adults. In recent years, he has continued his training in leadership development immersing himself in creativity, improvisational leadership, and executive coaching.


Bo is married to Gail, his wonderful wife and helpmate of 40 years. They have two married daughters. They delight in their TWIN grandchildren! He collects Coca-Cola memorabilia and old baseball cards. He is author of numerous books and articles on teaching, humor and adult learning. He is a published song-writer and an occasional singer.

Bo’s sense of humor will keep you interested and his thought provoking insights will keep you learning. Long after the laughter has quieted down, you will continue to ponder. He is a wonderful motivator and “enter-trainer!”  So prepare to laugh and learn. Hold on to your belly and your brain!