Living Yes…And! #1

YES to Ambiguity AND to clarity!

We live in the ambiguity of the times.  There are too many who are quick to tell us No!  There are others who write us off when we disagree with them.  Yet, there is just too much “gray” in the world for me to be convinced that there is one right answer on anything.

These are times that call for lots of dialogue.  And, dialogue is best conducted not in heated debate but in “yes…and” conversations.

In “improvisational leadership,” we know the best way to keep the interactions going is to agree and to add to the conversation.  So, that is what this blog is going to be about. So…here’s an example.

Question:  Should I lose weight?

Response:  Yes, but you should go very slowly.  (Which basically means losing weight is not going to happen.)

Consider this response to the same question. “Yes, AND you should do this in such a way that you remain healthy in your weight loss journey.”

This response is a bit more encouraging and relates to the more macro goal of getting healthy.  So, there will be no debates here.  I’ll be sharing thoughts around general ideas periodically and inviting you to read and journey with me.  There will also be some book recommendations along the way.

Is this going to be fun? Yes…AND…we might just learn some things together along the way.

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