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Helping Leaders Reclaim their Excitement and Effectiveness

Helping leaders reclaim their excitement and effectiveness


Get to know Bo

Bo Prosser is an engaging and entertaining motivator and storyteller. He has a passion for sharing with all age groups through humor, story, and personal experiences. His words are confessional and relevant. He is particularly passionate about adult education and helping fellow leaders reclaim their excitement and effectiveness.


  • Churches

  • School Systems

  • Corporations

  • Professional Organizations


  • Bee Kree-8-ive

  • Exploring the Magic of Creativity

  • Improvisational Leadership

  • Flying by the Seat of Your Pants While Formulating Plan B!

  • Helping Adults Learn: Teach Better!

Coaching , Training & Speaking

Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.
— Seth Godin

Lesson Plans & Weekly Devotional