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Helping Leaders Reclaim their Excitement and Effectiveness


As a catalytic coach, Bo guides his clients to discover for themselves the answers they seek. Coaching is a relational interaction. Bo builds upon the assets and imagination of each client to help them move forward to embrace proactive, immediate solutions. 

His clients give him 5 star reviews and the highest recommendations for his insights and skills.  

Contracts are available for one-session conversations or longer term interactions.  A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended for maximum results.

Perfect for:
• corporate leaders
• pastoral leaders
• business owners
• anyone “stuck” in decision making and administrivia

I feel like we’ve known each other for a long time. Bo’s insights are spot on for my career and my life.
— JD, Virginia


Bo delivers high energy interactive training events for leaders and teams. Topics include creativity, improvisational leadership, team building, communication skills, and leadership development. His storytelling will have you laughing one minute and wiping tears in the next. He makes learning fun AND informative.

Contracts are available for half day to multi-day gatherings based on availability; all training is contextualized for your specific needs and setting.

Perfect for:
• corporate and congregational settings
• leadership development training events
• fun and informative gatherings

Past clients include:
Milliken & Company
• Duke Energy
• United States Post Office
• Meherrin Manufacturing
• Lake Institute for Faith and Giving

Not only did Bo inspire us, he educated us. Bo’s resource list is amazing, his variety of teaching methods kept us engaged.
— DK, Indianapolis


If you need a short thought-provoking presentation, after-dinner storyteller or a keynote speaker, Bo delivers. He is a much sought after speaker. He weaves his humor and his down-home wisdom for an enjoyable and engaging experience. Your audience will be delighted!

Contracts are available for inspirational talks, story-telling and improvisational interactions, banquets, team meetings, keynote events, and “laugh-out-loud” presentations.

Perfect for:
• inspirational gatherings
• after-dinner entertainment
• keynote presentations

Past clients include:
• National Association of Business Educators
• CBF Leadership Fellows
• Campbell University
• McAfee School of Theology
• Missional Business Services

Bo’s stories are amazing. One minute we were wiping tears of emotion and the next laughing out loud. We’re not sure how he knew us so well. We loved our time with him!
— FG, Georgia