Buying AND Borrowing Books

YES to Owning Books…AND to Reading Them!

The question usually arises quickly after a new visitor comes into my office, “Have you READ all these books?” And, my reply is usually, “Well, parts from most of them!”

See, when I was in Seminary, we didn’t have the internet or virtual books. The advice every professor gave us was, “Build your library!” And, I have tried to take their advice, buying books and filling shelves with volumes that I figured would perhaps be needed some day. Today, I’m filling my IPad with volumes, pleasure reading and professional reading! Instant Library, wow!


Some of these books have been very useful to my writing and teaching. Some of them have greatly influenced my life. And, others of them are there if I need a reference or insight.

Lately, I’ve begun giving some of these away to younger seminarians. Some of them have been donated to the library. The books I’m holding on to are books I claim as very important to me. And, a few of the ones I haven’t read, I’m going to hold on to and read and internalize.

I’m grateful for writers who have shared insights and learnings. I’m grateful for the inspiration they’ve chosen to share and the learning they’ve passed along. Books will always be constant companions for my journey. Some of them are treasured friends who have guided my footsteps for years and years. Owning books is a wonderful luxury. Reading books…always a grand adventure.

Here are a few of my favorites…