Freedom AND Accountability

YES, I love freedom! Living in the United States allows me great freedom to live. Working at the Senior Level for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship allows me great freedom to make good friends. Being a person of faith allows me great freedom to explore, pray, struggle. My awesome wife, Gail, allows me the freedom to be myself and express my inner crazy. My family and friends allow me the freedom to wrestle with my inner demons and play with my inner clowns. These freedoms given to me are precious and not taken for granted.


AND, I need accountability. Living in the United States requires certain accountabilities if I want to hold on to my freedoms. My work requires certain actions from me if I want to continue leading in this position. My faith requires certain responses from me as I grow deeper and more mature. My wife requires a high level of accountability to continue building trust and deepening our love. My family and friends require accountability if we are going to continue journeying together. The accountabilities with which I wrestle allow me to live even more fully into the precious freedoms of life.

We can live totally free ignoring all the accountabilities but not for long. We can live totally bound up by all the accountabilities but not for long. Living Yes…And allows me to live free AND to be accountable and to embrace the tension between the two. Easter frees us up and holds us accountable. Living Yes…And just might make us Easter people!

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